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About Queen's Rocketry

The Queen’s Rocket Engineering Team (QRET) is a team of students from Queen’s University that share a passion for design and construction of high speed aircraft for the space and aerospace industries. The team builds a rocket each year to compete at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition

The objective of the competition is to deliver an 8.8 lb payload to an altitude of 10,000 feet, then track, and recover the rocket and payload in reflyable condition.

Executive Team

Bradley Taylor

Mechanical Engineering

Mitchell Wheatley

Vice President
Mechanical Engineering

Nick Schwenger

Construction Lead
Materials Engineering

Jordan Carter

Electronics Lead
4th Year
Civil Engineering

Graeme Gillespie

Safety Officer
4th Year
Engineering Physics

Tim Balcarras

Aerodynamics Lead
4th Year
Engineering Physics

Stephane Contant

Payload Lead
4th Year
Engineering Physics

Liam Liu

Media Lead
5th Year
Applied Economics


There are a variety of ways through which ay interested parties may offer their support. As a public university, donors may contribute philanthropic donations, for which they will be issued a tax receipt.

Corporate sponsorship, in which companies provide support to the team through either cash, or in-kind donations, in exchange for increased marketing and visibility is also encouraged. Through its growing team of future leaders of tomorrow’s space and aerospace industries, and its unique access to the world’s largest university rocket engineering competition, QRET is uniquely positioned to provide corporate sponsors with visibility to a highly sought after group of many of the engineering leaders of the future.

Sub Teams

Click on each icon to learn more about our sub teams.

Prospective Members

QRET is always actively searching for new members of all experience levels. Queen’s students of any year, faculty, and discipline are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the design process. Please contact us through the website, by email, or on Facebook if you are interested in joining.

As a student design team, QRET acknowledges that its members are, first and foremost, students. As such, it is understood that members’ workload and availability is subject to fluctuation throughout the school year. All members are expected to attend the approximately one hour weekly meetings for their respective subteams. Time requirements beyond this point will be easily scalable, based upon the availability and initiative of each individual.